Summer Of Kindness: Notes of Kindness

Summer of Kindness activity for kids with random acts of kindness

Continuing our theme of keeping kindness simple this summer, I wanted to have an activity on our schedule that was random. Random in the sense that we didn’t know who the kindness was for, it was for anyone, and there is zero expectation of a return.

My other objective with this activity is helping my kids understand the power of words.

In this house, we talk all the time about what we say and how we say it. Words Matter. Tone Matters. Turning negative words into positive words can make all the difference. We lift people up, not break them down. If you don’t have anything kind to say, then don’t say anything. Turning statements into questions can impact how it sounds to someone else.

Throughout our days, I say any number of these to my children what seems like a hundred times. Maybe if they hear me ten percent of the time, it will actually sink in! I say it so much that I often only have to give my kids a “look” for them to understand they need to say something differently.

For us, this activity is happening during a week where my husband and I are gone for the full week celebrating our 10th anniversary and the kids are in an all-day, outside camp. So, they are exhausted and they are with their grandparents. I am having to be a bit more strategic than usual to fit in our weekly kindness activity.

We will be making our cards the weekend before we leave and placing them the week after we get back. I’m also going to ask them to make a few notecards throughout the week. I’ll update this blog post with pictures from all of these when my husband and I return from our week-long vacation of no work!

Please sign up to receive the activity details and download. This week contains kindness notes that you can print right from your home computer. Use them as inspiration or if you are short on time (like we are this week) then cut them up, back with some construction paper, and place them around your community.

The books this week are ones that we have had in our library for awhile. I actually borrowed them from the library and loved them so much, I bought them. My favorite, Have You Filled A Bucket Today? offers a new way of thinking about kindness. We have often incorporated it into our family’s vernacular when we are trying to get our kids to understand the impact of their words and actions.

Join us for this fun, simple, and cheap(!) kindness activity!