Kindful Connections: Connecting Through Books

Daily Kindness in kids promoting connection and happiness

I am excited to introduce a new series of short blog posts I'll be writing each week.  This series will celebrate the small moments of kindness and connection that I am able to see, hear about, and witness with my children with the hopes of inspiring other parents to see and encourage kindnesses with their own children. These are meant to be short, quick reads of experiences in our daily life.

I'm calling this series Kindful Connection.

Yes, I'm jumping on the bandwagon of making up words (but I'm never succumbing to the lure of spelling words wrong to have them start the same way…such as Kindful Konnection.  Sorry - can't do it!)

I love this word choice because "Kindful" is the combination of kindness and mindful, and in my mind is intended to capture the essence that kindness isn't by accident.  It's intentional.  It's an awareness of others.  It's an awareness of self.  And, it's a recognition of others. It's mindful.

Which brings me to connection.  Kindness and mindfulness of others naturally brings about connection between people.  If not understanding, it brings about an interaction and a recognition that others exist and are deserving of kindness.  Kindness builds connection between people.

So, Kindful Connection.

We are coming off two weeks of transitioning out of free-wheeling summer into school, schedules, and activities.  With three kids and just one of me to take them where they need to go, we are always on the move in the afternoon.   The boys are tired.  So, they are fighting, being rude to each other and just not getting along.

Every night, we read together as a family before bed time.  And, there was one book that both of my older kids wanted to read at the same time.  I immediately gear myself up for an argument, a separation, and a "conversation." 

My oldest asks very nicely, dare I say very sweetly, "Can I please read that book with you?"

My middle - "Yeah, sure!!"

They climb up on the bed together and look at this large atlas, taking turns reading the book, pointing at pictures, laughing, and discussing the places they were looking at.  My middle is asking his brother to read words he can't yet read and my oldest is asking his brother to help him find things in the book.

They are discussing, they are laughing, they are connecting.

It seems like such a small thing to recognize these moments.  But, as a parent, it's these small moments that I want to remember and hold close.  It's these kindful connections they have together that will become the foundation of their relationship. 

And, it's these kindful connections that will turn them into the good humans I see in them every day.

What's a recent kindful connection you've seen in your children?