2020 Do Good Monthly Digital Subscription - ANNUAL Subscription

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Do Good Monthly (1).png

2020 Do Good Monthly Digital Subscription - ANNUAL Subscription


The 2020 Do Good Monthly Digital Subscription will inspire your family to do good in your community every month. Each month brings a new theme and a new group of people in your community to serve.

Each Annual digital subscription includes a FREE 2020 Do Good Calendar to hang on your wall and follow along with each of the activities. This calendar will start shipping in November 2019 and will be sent as soon as you subscribe.

Preorder the Annual Membership by December 15th and receive an additional $10 off! Just enter the discount code PREORDERMONTHLY!

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The 2020 Do Good Monthly Digital Subscription follows the calendar year with a new kindness activity for you and your kids to do good for someone new each month. This digital subscription will inspire your kids to become activists and make a change in their community.

This innovative digital subscription will:

  • Inspire positive action in your child(ren)

  • Increase your child’s empathy

  • Provide ideas to do good in your community

  • Increase awareness of ALL the different people in your community

  • Engage your children in fun DIY service projects

The information, activities, and resources provided in this subscription follows my Roadmap to Creating Kid Activists who do good through kindness for others. This roadmap includes a step-by-step process to help a child understand a social issue through storytelling and activities. Once they understand it, they want to do something about it!

What to Expect

Each month has a theme focusing on a new group of people in your community to serve. You and your children will learn about them (also called empathy) and have an DIY activity to serve them right from your home.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Information for you, the parent, to be ready and prepare for the conversation with your kids

  • “How To Talk About” pointers to introduce the monthly topic to your kids

  • Recommended books to support storytelling and start the conversation

  • Learning activities in printable form to give to your kids

  • A specific Do Good activity that you can do with your kids to serve the group

  • Weekly email providing pointers, updates, stories, and inspiration for you

  • Exclusive Facebook group for subscribers to share stories, inspiration

  • Monthly (sometimes 2x per month) videos from me to provide inspiration and answer questions


Each ANNUAL subscriber will receive the 2020 Do Good Calendar for FREE! This calendar follows the monthly themes in this subscription and is a special kind of calendar!

Yes, it does track the major holidays like all the others. But, it also tracks major dates and awareness weeks or months related to the 12 activities in the calendar. This provides an opportunity to not only learn about new groups of people in your community, but reflect on past do good activities throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this all start?

This digital subscription is aligned to the calendar year so will start in January 2020. You will receive your digital download and introductory email on the 1st of each month starting with January 1st.

How does billing work?

Once you become an annual member, you are charged a one time fee of $99. If you preorder by December 15th, you will receive an additional $10 off that price. There are no additional charges for this membership for an entire year.

Am I automatically enrolled in another year?

No. This is not a subscription charge, but a one time charge for a monthly digital download.

When will I get my calendar if I preorder?

The calendars will be ready to ship in November. If you order before then, you will receive them as soon as I have them in hand. After that date, I will ship them to you as soon as you order it.

How do I get my calendar?

Once you preorder this subscription, I will send you an email with a discount code. You wil then need to come back to the website to order your calendar using this promo code.

Am I charged shipping for the calendar?

No, shipping is included! Yahoo!!